Byte Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

The woman surrounded by these handsome fellows, is Simone Wilkins, our Marketing Consultant.

She was due to commence with us back in early in 2020, when she received the news that she had breast cancer. Had it not been for the fact that she promised her cousin, who was going through breast cancer treatment at the time, that she would get tested, Simone may not be here with us today! We’re proud to say that she is and she is finally a part of our team.

We know our experience with Simone is not an isolated case by any means, BUT what we didn’t know was that 1 in 7 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia – that is a staggering statistic!!

This is why we are absolutely delighted to swap our BYTE blue for PINK (it’s actually quite fetching don’t you think?) this October in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in support of all those who have endured this awful disease, are going through it or about to face it. This support also includes the loved ones and family who feel helpless in times like these.

Simone’s chosen charity is Breast Cancer Care WA who have supported her, and so many others while they navigate this road to recovery.

Go to @BCCWA or if you’d like to donate or you would like to know more about the incredible services and support they offer the WA community.


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